Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs
and Market Access Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Welcome to your pharmaceutical services partner for the Swiss market. We have been advising and supporting companies in Switzerland and abroad in all matters relating to quality, approvals and reimbursement of medicinal products since 1997.


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Quality Assurance
A firm grip on quality at all times

Are you challenged with strengthening your quality assurance? Are you in the process of setting up or expanding your quality management system and would like technical support?

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Regulatory Affairs
Getting products authorised efficiently

Do you wish to have your product authorised for the Swiss market in the near future? Is adaptation of your EU dossier to Swiss requirements imminent?

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Market Access
Achieve reimbursement using the right strategy.

Unsure what pricing strategy to adopt for your product? Uncertain how to submit your application for health insurance reimbursement?

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Dr. Katharina Oehler

Scientific and Managing Director

Sonja Ammann

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Specialist

Nunzia Carruba

Project and Administrative Associate

Danièle Chassot

Finance and HR Director

Christina Christen

Regulatory Affairs Publisher

Regula Felix

Head of Food, Cosmetic & Medical Device Services

Ines Fleischmann

Quality Manager

Désirée Gsponer

Team Lead Regulatory Affairs Services

Elizabeth Heitzer

Head of Quality Services

Vera Höhn

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Specialist

Ann Malone

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Silvia Manser

Head of Regulatory Affairs Services

Melanie Marty

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Associate

Alexandra Meyer

Quality Manager

Melanie Waser

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Svenja Simitz

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Manager

Experience and knowledge
have great value

We share our knowledge, in the form of tips and tricks from our experience, at specialist events, with checklists:

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About us
We have been committed to serving our clients - enthusiastically and cooperatively since 1997:


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Submission of a consolidation sequence

How is a consolidation sequence based on the withdrawal of an application to be submitted?

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Planning to enter the Swiss market?

Are you looking for support in developing a strategy to enter  the Swiss market? Or do you require advice on setting up a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland?

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