Maximum levels in food supplements

Entry into force of Stretto 3 ordinances which includes the maximum levels for substances in food supplements, postponed to 1 June or 1 July 2020

Within Stretto 3, the maximum permitted levels of vitamins, minerals and other substances in food supplements will be adjusted. These are based on well-founded approaches to the food safety of the individual substances. Based on consumption data (BI: baseline intake) and upper levels (UL), all substances are divided into four groups. Group 1: Non-critical substances, no maximum levels. Group 2: Large spread UL-BI, Group 3: Small spread UL-BI. For groups 2 and 3, a division of the remainder (UL-BI) in the ratio 3:1 (3 parts food supplements, 1 part fortified food) applies. Group 4: Substances with side effects or interactions, warnings necessary. Of particular practical importance are the very low values for zinc, the new warning for magnesium and omission of the use of Vitamin A (only possible as β carotene).

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